Manufacturer of uPVC Pipes, Fittings and Polyethylene

Quality Control Unit

Loole Gostar Quality Control Unit manufactures its products by benefiting from experienced engineers in the field of industrial polymers and establishing ISO 9001 management systems and implementing ISO 17025 in the laboratory based on Iran’s national standards and utilizes the latest and most up-to-date laboratory equipment to perform quality tests.


The activities of this unit are divided into tests related to determining the quality of raw materials and tests during production process and the final product.

  1. Quality control tests of raw materials

Due to the effect of raw materials on the efficiency and physical properties of PVC and polyethylene pipes at the time of purchase, the utmost care is taken and the following tests are performed:

  • Density
  • Thermal Stability (OIT: Oxidation induction time/temperature)
  • Molten Flow Index (MFI)
  • K-Value
  • Appearance control
  • Amount of humidity
  • Soot percentage
  1. Tests during production and on the final product

The variety of tests defined according to the National Standard of Iran and DEN of Europe in the laboratory of Golpayegan Loole Gostar are done at the time of production of the final product and if the product is accepted, it will be approved.

Tests performed on polyethylene pipes:

  • Determining density
  • Determining the melt flow rate index
  • Soot percentage
  • Determination of soot distribution
  • Determining the percentage of thermal reversibility of the pipe
  • Measuring the dimensions and appearance of the pipe
  • Hydrostatic pressure test
  • Cracking test
  • OIT
  • Tensile

Tests performed on PVC pipes and fittings:

  • Measuring density
  • Measuring the dimensions and check the pipe
  • Appearance quality control
  • Resistance to internal pressure
  • Impact resistance
  • Measuring Vicat softness
  • Resistance to dichloromethane
  • Longitudinal return due to heat