Manufacturer of uPVC Pipes, Fittings and Polyethylene


Golpayegan Loole Gostar is a production group with more than two decades of brilliant experience. It is among pioneers in the field of manufacturing PVC, polyethylene pipes, and fittings. It aims to develop and improve the facilities of construction and agricultural industry for our dear Iran.

Chiefs of this industrial group by the help of modern technology and benefiting from outstanding and hard-working specialists have always tried to offer the best quality products that can compete with other national manufacturers who have had several years of experience, to the Iranian and neighboring markets.

Our mission and policy are to respect customers and to produce for the people of all around Iran and neighboring countries. Those who give importance to accuracy, quality, durability, timely delivery, and after sales services.

We hope that our top products can bring you comfort and enjoyment of life.

History of the Company

Loole Gostar of Golpayegan was established in 1993. It was constructed on a land of ​​25,000 square meters located in Golpayegan industrial town.

It first established the production line of polyethylene pipes in the size of 20-155 mm.

As soon as possible after launching the initial production line, it succeeded in obtaining the standard from the Iranian Institute of Standards and Industrial Research, and due to the high quality of the products and also increasing the customers’ satisfaction, it launched its second production line in the size of 75-200 mm with the pressure of 4, 6, 10 and 16 atmospheres.

In order to help mechanize the irrigation of the country’s agricultural lands, this production unit set up a production line of 16 mm pipes for drip irrigation.

Now, the company’s products in the field of polyethylene pipes are available in different sizes from 16 to 400 mm and with pressures of 4 to 25 bar.

In order to achieve its development goals in the field of polymer pipes and fittings, the company was honored with setting up another U-PVC pipe production unit in the size of 20-315 mm.

Other uses of the products of Loole Gostar of Golpayegan are as follows:

Urban water supply system, urban sewage system, pressure irrigation system (farm), water supply system from water wells, building water supply system, building sewage system, building ventilation system, rainwater drainage system, transmission of electrical and telecommunication cables.

We have been able to take another step towards satisfying consumers by obtaining technical building certificates from the Building and Housing Research Center, Seven national standards and 6 international certificates, CE, ISO 9001: 2015, 14001, 18001, IMS and 17025.

The production of PVC fittings is another success of this company. We hope that by improving the quality of polymer pipes and fittings, in addition to satisfying our dear compatriots, we will leave a lasting name for Iran in the world of polymer pipes and fittings industry.