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Loole Gostar of Golpayegan is a production group with more than two decades of brilliant experience. It aims to develop and improve the facilities of construction and agricultural industry for our dear Iran. Chiefs of this industrial group by the help of modern technology and benefiting from outstanding and hard-working specialists have always tried to offer the best quality products that can compete with other national manufacturers who have had several years of experience, to the Iranian and neighboring markets. Our mission and policy is to respect customers and to produce for the people of all around Iran and neighboring countries. Those who give importance to accuracy, quality, durability, timely delivery, and after sales services. We hope that our top products can bring you comfort and enjoyment of life.

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Looleh Gostar Golpayegan
  • PVC pipe uses: U-PVC or PVC pipes are usually used for plumbing and drainage. PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride and …

  • The objective of this article is to highlighting the use of Pipe Distribution Network (PDN) instead of Canal Distribution Network (CDN) to increase the overall project efficiency of irrigation project and thereby reducing the stresses due to water scarcity. In order to achieve maximum benefits from PDN, planning, designing, and construction of it should be carefully done. This paper provides a guideline for planning, designing and construction of PDN system for irrigation. It is recommended that PDN system could be economical and feasible over conventional CDN and this system is so flexible that it can be implemented as a new scheme or used to convert the existing CDN.

  • Health and Safety policies have led to the recommendation of alternative tests to evaluate
    the resistance to dichloromethane to estimate the degree of gelation of rigid PVC pipes
    In this work, we confirm that DSC is the best alternative method for evaluating the degree
    of gelation of rigid PVC pipes, using the relation between the enthalpy of fusion of primary
    and secondary crystallites, which were measured from respective endotherms.
    The suitability of this method is established by comparison with experimental results
    obtained with the test for determining the resistance to dichloromethane. Indeed, this
    method has proven to be fairly reliable and is the only one that allows the quantification of
    the degree of gelation.

  • Polyethylene (PE) is a thermoplastic material produced from ethylene polymerization. Polyethylene pipes are produced through extrusion in different dimensions from½ inch to 63 inches. Polyethylene can be produced in various dimensions in the form of a coil or in a straight up to 40 feet long.

  • The pipe and PVC fittings pressure should be 1.5 times the working pressure of the piping system, but should not be less than 0.60 MPa. Before testing water pressure, Note safety principles and protection regulations for pressure pipes. The following steps should be inspected in the hydrostatic test of the pipe and PVC fittings, respectively:placing the lid at the end of the pipe, slow water entry, gas pipelines are an exception, boiling water after inspection is required…

  • Plastic materials are very elastic and malleable. They can be molded, pressed, or cast into different shapes. They are mostly made from petroleum and natural gas. There are two types of plastics; thermoplastics and thermosetting polymers.
    While thermosetting polymers can be melted and molded only once, staying solid once it is cooled, thermoplastics can be melted and molded repeatedly and are therefore recyclable.
    Thermoplastics are used in the manufacture of containers, bottles, fuel tanks, folding tables and chairs, sheds, plastic bags, cable insulators, ballistic plates, pool toys, upholstery, clothing, and for piping systems.

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